Disney Princess Role Model

A Positive View of the Disney Princess Profile
As Miley Cyrus was seen swinging naked across her wrecking ball, parents cringed at the thought of their children idolizing the once famous Disney star. Children often idolize many things they see on television and movie productions. At the forefront of that topic is the famous Disney Princess art form. Parents, as well as psychologists, tear apart the pure aspect of Disney and the popular Princess by showing opinionated conclusions of how the Disney Princess is considered bad for the youth of America. The fact remains that if all items are looked at through the figurative magnifying glass, then each one could be considered bad in some way. Considering all the negative role models in the world
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Leichty mentions in her article, “In Defense of Princess Culture”, the love her daughter has with the princess phenomenon and later expresses her opinion on that subject (Leichty 471). The concept of young ladies idolizing a Disney Princess has been met with great reservations from many, but Leichty states, “WHAT’S SO AWFUL ABOUT THAT?” (Leichty 472). Positive attributes for a Disney Princess and their favorite movie line provide families with nights of conversation with a superior family oriented topic on the screen. A Disney Princess will provide families a sense of morality, considering the immoral items that can be viewed on many movie screens and television screens. The pure magic a Disney Princess can provide is an uplifting, enjoyable and exciting moment for all through their popular movie line or even catching a glimpse of the very popular Disney theme park. Many Scientist and parents debunk the popular princess culture and perceive that they are bad for children. Many articles have been written and several research attempts to provide proof of the destruction a Disney Princess could bring on the youth of America. That research has never provided factual regards to that topic, and one researcher could not find any evidence that a princess changed emotional behavior or that the princess could be considered as a bad role model for children (“The Princess Pride” 2). Many scientists and parents have tried to prove that a Disney Princess is a bad role model, but the magic of Disney prevails over such negative responses and one author writes, “Disney princess power is girl power, and they've got 10,000 megajoules of that zipping through them” (“The Princess Pride” 2). Considering all the negative role models in the world, a Disney Princess can provide positive family memories, morality and magical experiences for young

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