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Rim Alfatayri – 200904762
Contemporary Culture – Fall 2014
Construction of the Female Self– Response

In the article Construction of the Female Self: Feminist Readings Of the Disney Heroine, Jill Birmie Henke, Diane Zimmerman Umble, and Nancy J. Smith are looking at the female self and how it was developed based on two theories: Standpoint by Parker Follet and the psychological development of girls by Gilligam. That by examines gender identity especially girls and how media exposure affects them through analyzing five of Disney movies: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas. They segmented the article into three titles: The Oxymoron of Power and the Perfect Girl where they introduced the two theories in which they built their critic on, Construction of the Female Self where they talk about the evolution in the female character from Cinderella to Pocahontas, and Construction of Self in Relation to Others where they talk about the evolution of the self in relation to others from power-over to power-with until power-to. Finally they concluded that even if the female character in Disney’s movies was changing to become more …show more content…

In beauty and the beast we have for the first time a female character that is different and “ Belle likes herself and trust her own judgment” (Henks, Umble and Smith 1996, p. 237), and refuse what was planned for her. Belle was the first character not to fall in love from the first sight and occupies almost 80 percent of the movie. She has a better control on her life and choose her own destiny and she was powerful enough to save her father’s and the beast’s lives. And this relation represents a power-with the male character. The problem was that at the end, Belle ended up being one typical princess and being again the perfect girl that live with her prince happily ever

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jill birmie henke, diane zimmerman umble, and nancy j. smith are looking at the female self and how it was developed based on standpoint by parker follet and the psychological development of girls by gilligam.
  • Explains that s of this article are all professors in millersville university and all have a phd degree, and nancy j. smith is the director of women’s studies at the university.
  • Analyzes how the writers mention the psychological development that talks about the invention of the "perfect girl" who is always kind and good and happy and quite.
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