Disney Princess Culture

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A Tale as Old as Time: The Effects of Princess Culture
From a young age, princess culture has impacted the lives of numerous people. Some individuals may have spent their childhood parading around in the attire of their favorite Disney princess while they put on their best rendition of the character they admired most. Ohers may have only seen a few Disney princess movies here and there and went seemingly unfazed by the phenomenon. With Disney’s debut of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, princess movies would provide the defining factor of the Disney entertainment empire for years to come. From this, fairy tales embarked into a territory that would touch the lives of many individuals
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A majority of her argument is supported by her personal feelings on the issue. However, as a mother with a daughter who admires princess culture, she has her daughter’s experience to support her argument. Additionally, after examining the characteristics of princesses such as Snow White and Cinderella, she emphasized that there are less desirable role models that could influence young girls than Disney princesses. To further emphasize this point, she adds examples of pop musicians who are known for being risqué. Liechty (2015) questioned, “we don’t want our daughters learning that if you work hard and are good and sweet, even in the face of difficult circumstances, you’ll find happiness?” (p. 471). By doing so, she illustrates some of the positive effects that princess culture has on young…show more content…
Some individuals, like Monika Bartyzel, argue that princess culture sets boundaries for what is considered feminine or princess-like. Arguments against princess culture suggest that companies like Disney have a responsibility to young consumers and that they need to extend their reach outside of gender roles. Meanwhile, individuals, such as Crystal Liechty, counter-argue that princess culture is not entirely negative. Arguments for princess culture suggest that the negative effects produced by the Disney princess franchise are an over-exaggeration because gender roles are presented in various forms. Whether it is for better or for worse, princess culture has impacted the lives of numerous people in the past. Thus, provided the evidence of this trend, princess culture is sure to play a role in lives of many individuals for generations to

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