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Disney Argumentative Essay Disney promotes sexisim by forcing young girls to live in a patriarchal world. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The little mermaid, Aladdin, and Snow White are all examples of popular Disney movies that encourage young viewers that they need a man to save the day. Yes, it’s true that there are recent movies such as Moana and Frozen that prove otherwise, but how long will it take to completely get over the fact that women are mainly viewed as secondary citizens compared to the men? There are countless examples of how Disney movies influence this theme, and how much the female characters’ actions, ideas and thoughts are not included in a Disney movie. One way to measure how much a woman is involved in a Disney film is …show more content…

For instance, Sleeping Beauty. Aurora literally falls asleep, and does absolutely nothing whilst the prince tries to save her. Additionally, Cinderella does nothing for herself in her film. She conforms to being a slave in her own household, her MICE maker her a dress she that couldn’t make herself, and when that doesn’t go well she just sits and cries until a fairy godmother shows up and gives her a dress so she can go to the ball. And if that wasn’t enough, Cinderella didn’t even have enough courage to tell the prince who she really was, and just waits until he comes to her house to save her. Cinderella is so dependent on other people to save her that she does nothing for herself in the movie. Some people might say that these movies provide entertainment and transport families into the lives of princes and princesses. Many critics have said that the films have amazing soundtracks and have detailed and interesting plots. Still, however entertaining the films may be, the way women are viewed and treated outweigh any enjoyment that a viewer could have. The subliminal lessons young women learn from these films have lifelong repercussions and negatively affect the female

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how disney promotes sexism by forcing young girls to live in a patriarchal world.
  • Analyzes how disney's frozen, the highest grossing disney film ever, had less than 50% of the lines spoken by women. even though the film is centrally based around the two sisters, male characters still take over.
  • Explains that women have struggled for centuries trying to keep up with the men who seem more outspoken than women. teaching the youth of the world that the role models they look up to need a man to save the day sets women’s confidence back years.
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