Barbie: Good Or Perfect: The Perfect Role Model

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Barbie has been a child’s toy since 1959. Over millions of girls have played with them, looking up to Barbie as their “perfect role model.” Who would want their role model to be someone, if she were to be compared to a real person, couldn’t even live on her own? Barbie has many good “jobs” and can influence kids to do very good acts, but in appearance, Barbie is unattainable. In Zali Yager’s article, she says, “The girls who viewed the images of Barbie had significantly lower scores on the Body Esteem scale after being exposed to the images, and indicated a preference for a thinner current body, and a thinner adult body” (“Is Barbie Bad”). They gathered girls from the UK to look at pictures of Barbie compared to her competition, Emme, a more…show more content…
How popular and perfect she is, and so naturally these girls are beginning to want to be just like Barbie, happy and perfect all the time, which starts many of them on their way to eating disorders” (“The Barbie Effect”) Young girls just want to fit in with the social norm, but that same social norm is asking far too much from these young girls. Perfect manners, perfect clothes, perfect appearance, perfect family, perfect friends, etc. And to the girls, Barbie was the only one who had all these things, Barbie had the perfect life, so they naturally looked up to her and some even wanted to be like…show more content…
She’s just a plastic doll.(Counterclaim) Yes, she is just a doll. But, wouldn’t kids love to have a doll that looked like them? Or something that they can relate how they look with one of their toys? To fit the wants for a normal looking doll, a few people jumped to the change. Lammily is one of these more normal looking doll. She looks like an average, normal teen. Lammily even has ‘marks’, little stickers kids can apply to her, which include natural things girls get. Stretch marks, scars, bandages, bruises, casts, mosquito bites, freckles, and acne. As a kid grows, they can relate to their doll more and more when they add these extra’s to her or his doll. There’s even a more realistic doll called Emme. Designed to look like average people with a little life like

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