Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Experience: My Experience At Richmond General Hospital

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On October 12th 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to tour Richmond General Hospital as part of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Langara College. My clinical educator and group of eight peers were introduced to the many different disciplines associated with health care. The goal of this experience was to orientate nursing students to their future line of work. During this tour, we were introduced to various diagnostic-imaging techniques like X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In addition, we got to explore the hospital pharmacy and learned how it operates. The group ended the tour by meeting with a staff member of the Richmond Hospital Foundation, who educated us on the value of generosity and fundraising in order to purchase essential medical equipment, improve patient care programs, and enhance the facility as a whole. This experience was educational and inspiring for me because it allowed me to critically think, as well as appreciate the teamwork that goes on in a hospital setting.
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During the example I mentioned above, the patient was open about how she was not feeling well as the procedure continued. The nurse advocated for the patient and let the technologist know, so he could speed up the process. During this learning experience, I tried to put myself in the client’s shoes. A CT scan is an invasive process for a client. When you are on the other end as a health care professional, you may get used to many people coming in for this procedure that you become desensitized to the process. This experience made me think about being more self-aware and to treat every client differently. In addition, I gained valuable nursing communication skills that I can use in practice one

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