The Importance Of Scholarships In Nursing

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When individuals think of scholarships, they tend to believe of the free money through the government, small or large business, and just a person who wants to make a difference. However, when thinking of scholarships, I realize the opportunities of organization(s) is helping me reach my dreams and goals throughout life. In addition, organizations helping reach my goals will influence other individuals to go through the same path as I am. During this essay, I’ll discuss the specific demographic that will help my patients by using my nursing skills, how my background has helped me realize the importance of contributing to my community, and most importantly the less fortunate than myself. After deciding for many years, I’ve decided to become a nurse in the medical field. Being a nurse will be a difficult career, however I’m up for the challenge! In addition, I have specific demographics that I want to help my patients by using my skills learned in college. With this said, nursing students study many materials within book settings. Therefore, having an idea of what to look forward on a facilities floor. As a Medical Assistant student, also known as MA, I can give the correct treatment…show more content…
In my opinion, a less fortunate person would be how their living. For example, is that particular person or family living on the street or just getting by with bills? As a nurse and a regular human being, I’ve always contributed to my community in some way. For instance, I donate personal hygiene items to charities and homeless to have more hope inside and outside. Nursing has involved me to help a person is less fortunate because maybe one of these days I might be in their position. In addition, I would regret not helping that particular family or person. Therefore, giving an opportunity to help a less fortunate person or family is a miracle that warms your heart because you’ve done something great for your

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