Authentic Leadership Essay

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The idea of approaching leadership from the standpoint of values has been echoed in several studies. O’Toole (1995) compared and contrasted contingency and situational approach to leadership with value-based leadership. He stated that all leadership styles eventually enforces the individuals to follow what their leader commands them to do rather than focusing on what is the will of the followers – this he called as disrespect for the individuals. It is important for the leader to understand, why people are resistant to change in reality and must make a personal commitment to overcome this resistance to changing environment or culture. He suggested that if the company wants to initiate change that is constructive, focus must be placed on the An authentic leader must be inspirational, compassionate and should be self-reflective and must establish clear communication channels from all ends. The authentic leaders are aware of his weaknesses and strengths, is aware of his environment and are very resilient and confident. The main focus of an authentic leadership is that that a leader must be well-aware of his personal weakness and strengths and develop them accordingly. It is essential that an authentic leader must have self-awareness and must expand to develop his strengths and work to improve his weaknesses (Avolio, This leadership approach is focused upon teams and groups working together in a dynamic working environment towards shared organizational goals. Collaborative Leadership In order to make the shared leadership successful, it is of importance that there should be collaboration between the team members and leader. This collaboration is of utmost importance in the current dynamic business environment and the team members must collaborate with each other to adjust to the changing market dynamics. The leader must insist change and provide a work environment that must be adapted, change must be implemented at an affordable rate and the front-line employees must be empowered to work

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