Personal Leadership Experience Essay

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Leaders have skills to manage the critical situation and are not anxious on challenge. They venture under the unknown, searching for chances on grow, advance and move. The leader can understand that change cannot be available if people do again and again what they do routinely. The leader accepts the challenge to bring change and guide others in different situations such as difficulty, vagueness, lack, disruption, transformation, transitions, recovery, new beginning and other significant challenges (p.160). For example, leaders can see challenges inversely than others. They tend to get the chances to take action for the challenge and take the action required to move further. This could be more stressful situation and successfully leading change needs strength and flexibility. Leaders must believe that they can posi¬tively influence the direction of a situation through their own efforts. Even small steps can get an organi¬zation moving in the right direction (Kouzes and Posner, 2010, p.4). My personal leadership experience involves changing style in the clinical handover which reduce harmful incidence and further complications of the patient. Leaders make something happen. Leaders try to divert other people’s focus towards the outside and bring effective solutions as per my…show more content…
Collaboration is a critical competency for achieving and sustaining high performance. The organisation is continuously changing. Collaborative skills are essential to navigating the conflicting interests and natural tensions that arise. Trust and facilitate the relationships are required to build collaboration and promote people working cooperatively together (p.219). To take an example from my own experience, if junior staffs gave brief handover of her patients than the incident could be prevented by taking further action. Therefore, foster collaboration requires to prevent injuries and
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