Augustus Caesar

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Augustus Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (Octavian as he was called until the adoption by

Caesar, later called Augustus Caesar) was born 23 September, 63 BC. Augustus was the

grand-nephew of Julius Caesar and later became his heir after he learned that his

grand-uncle had adopted him. Augustus Caesar was with out a doubt the greatest political

leader in the Roman Empire. He made Rome what think of it as and what we study today.

Octavian’s first public appearance was in 51 BC when he delivered his

grandmother’s eulogy. In 48 BC he started his political career when he was elected to

pontifical college. In 45 BC he went with Caesar to Spain and in 44 BC when Caesar was

killed he discovered he had been adopted by him. Upon this happening Octavian gathered

support and troops and went to Rome to make his adoption official. When he got to

Rome, Marc Antony, Lepidus, and himself formed the Second Triumvirate. This was

where the three rulers joined forces and destroyed anyone who stood in their way and the

land they acquired was given to deserving soldiers. They fight the battle of Phillipi and in

the Perusine war. They divided the empire between themselves with Antony getting the

rich East, Lepidus getting the West and Octavian receiving Italy. After this in 39 B.C.

Augustus marries Scribonia, who gives him his only child, Julia. The next year he marries

Livia the wife of Claudius Nero but she dies in 29 BC

Eventually Lepidus was forced into retirement so Octavian received the western

lands. Both of the lands swore allegiance to him and Octavian began to focus on Antony

and the rest of the Roman Empire. In 31 BC the Battle of Actium occurred. This was one

of the most important naval battles in the Roma...

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...tion. His reign starts a two

hundred-year period of peace known as the Pax Romana. The political system he

established endured essentially no change for three centuries. The modern world honors

him with our calendar by the naming of the eighth month after him. The only thing that

saved the destruction of the Roman Empire was the emergence of a brilliant political

leader, Octavian Augustus Caesar, first emperor of the Roman Empire.


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