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Julius Caesar is an important figure who laid the foundation of Rome. He is one of the most famous rulers in Rome, during his lifetime. He helped to establish the gradual transition from the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, and ended the Republic System. He was a very influential leader among the roman citizens; he provided hope. Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 100 BC. His parents were Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta. Julius Caesar was born into a Senatorial, Patrician family and was the nephew of the famous Roman General, Marius. As a child he didn’t have a formal education, but was tutored by a private tutor, and achieved his skills in writing, reading and received secondary education that acquired skills in music, geography, history, science, and Greek Philosophy. He then studied Rhodes rhetoric, which later prepared him in his law career in courts. In c.85BC, Julius Caesar’s dad died. After a year he was betrothed to marry a wealthy woman by the name of Cossutia, but never married her. At the age of 18 he married Cornelia cinna, the daughter of a prominent member of the popular party, and later bore him a daughter named Julia, the only legitimate child of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was an foundation. Julius Caesar is a historic general that is still remembered today. Early Political Life: During his early adult live, he worked as a personal aide for Marcus Thermus, who at that time was the governor of the Asian Province. He was then later sent to King called Bithynia by Thermus, to fetch a fleet. And was later suspected of having a false deal with the king of Bithynia. In his early political life he served for Serviliys Isaricus in Cilicia. His exposure to the military made him popular and made him... ... middle of paper ... ...lifetime he held important title in the Roman Republic, and also contributed to the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. He ended the Republic System in Rome. He was a amibious person who restored the Republic through his dictatorial leadership. Julius Caesar was an influential leader among the Roman citizens, he provided hope and a strong foundation, that lasted for ages. He was one of the most rich orators and latin prose authors, he was killed before finishing his life’s work. Because of his achievement, he is one of the few individuals who changed the course of history. He definitely changed the asspescts of the Roman Empire. He will always be remembered. Julius Caesar was known for brilliant war tactics and politics. He was remembered as being bold and brave, he was policitcal mastermind. He helped to expand the Roman empire and lands.

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