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  • Mark Antony

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    Mark Antony is one of the most famous people of Roman history. He was one of the most superior generals and a crucial statesman in his time. A comrade and patron of Julius Caesar, Antony was an ideal military tactician and leader of the people. He was a man who started out for the people but eventually became hungry for power and empire expansion. Mark Antony was a military and political leader in Caesar's time who rose to the highest of Roman power but eventually lost everything due to his greed

  • Mark Antony Analysis

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    Antony was born the son of “a man of no great repute in public life, nor illustrious, but kindly and honest, and particularly a liberal giver.” Some fifty years later, Mark Antony died in the arms of one of the most famous and stirring women in history. He had served at the highest positions attainable in the politically savage world of the Roman Empire after the chaos that ensued with the death of Julius Caesar. Plutarch’s Antony tells the tale of not only one of the most pronounced and controversial

  • Mark Antony, a Man and His Reputation

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    reputation, greatly due to the outside influences of others. An examination of the impact influence, through the wording of William Shakespeare and from a historical perspective, can have on ones repute, as shown through Shakespearean character Mark Antony from Antony and Cleopatra, will illustrate that a good reputation, while difficult to obtain, is even harder to maintain when left on its own accord. To quote the Greek Philosopher Socrates, “regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly

  • Julius Caesar - Mark Antony

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    Mark Antony, in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, was a brave, intelligent, pleasure-loving, and cunning man. He was loyal to his friend, Caesar, whom he considered a true friend. He looked at life as a game in which he had a signified part to play, and played that part with excellent refinement and skill. Antony was devoted and preferred to be dependent upon Julius Caesar since he rather have enjoyed life than to claim the highest position in the government. He wanted the crown to be given

  • Compare And Contrast Mark Antony And Brutus's Speech

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    Both Brutus and Mark Antony were dear friends with Julius Caesar, that had been emphasized heavily throughout both of their speeches, though much more so in Brutus's speech. But yet, this would not stop Brutus from killing Caesar. Throughout all of Brutus's speech, he would keep insinuating that there was no one that had loved Caesar more than Brutus himself. "As Caesar lov’d me, I weep for him; as he was fortunate, I rejoice at it; as he was valiant, I honor him; but, as he was ambitious, I slew

  • Julius Caesar - Mark Antony

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    Mark Antony 	The character of Mark Antony from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar may be viewed as simply the confident and devoted supporter of Julius Caesar. On the contrary, Antony presents the qualities of a shrewd flatterer, a ruthless tyrant, as well as a loyal follower. Antony’s characteristics will change as the play progresses. He will begin using flattery to get what he wants, but he will eventually depend on his powerful relentlessness. Furthermore, Antony uses these various attributes

  • Brutus And Mark Antony Compare And Contrast Speech

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    characters.The speeches by Brutus and Mark Antony resemble the examples given above. Both of the men and their speeches can be seen as similar, but they are overall very different.

  • Brutus and Mark Antony in the play Julius Caesar

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    The Empire of Deceit In the play Julius Caesar, written by the playwright William Shakespeare, the characters Brutus and Mark Antony each recite a speech in the market place after Caesar’s death. These speeches, exemplifying parallelism, verbal irony, and witty use rhetoric, expose the true intentions of these characters. From these speeches, the reader can understand the true intentions of these characters and thus conclude for themselves whether or not the slaying of Caesar was one of justice

  • Julius Caesar - Mark Antony

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    Mark Antony It is human nature to change one’s personality to fit the situation. People behave differently when speaking to a dignitary that when talking to a friend. Over time one can change due to a loss or gain of power, sometimes for the better or worse. In Julius Caesar, for example, Mark Antony goes through several changes. Mark Antony loved Julius Caesar, yet when he passed away Mark Antony swears vengeance, and ultimately is corrupted by the power of running a country. At the beginning of

  • Comparing the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar

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    Comparing the Speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus in Julius Caesar The play 'Julius Caesar' was first performed in 1599 at the Globe theatre in London. The Globe theatre was built earlier that year and 'Julius Caesar' was one of the first plays performed there. This gives us reason to believe that the play was written towards the end of 1598 and beginning of 1599. William Shakespeare wrote the play 'Julius Caesar' because 'Plutarchs Lives', William Shakespeare's source of history, allowed