Asperger Syndrome Essay

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Asperger Syndrome
Also known as Asperger Disorder, Asperger Syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder characterized by difficulties in non-verbal communication, and social interaction. It is known as a spectrum disorder because of its conditions that affects patients in various ways and degrees. The disorder is named after an Austrian pediatrician named Hans Asperger. Asperger syndrome is a life long form of disability that affects how people process information, how they view the world, and how they relate to the people around them. In addition, Asperger syndrome is always a hidden disability, whereby, one cannot tell that someone has the disorder from the outside. Asperger syndrome prevalence is unknown, since only a few people suffer from this condition, and the number is unknown. Nonetheless, it is more prevalent in males than in females, and in children aged between 2-6 years.
The specific cause of the Asperger disorder is indefinite; however, there are a number of studies that have indicated that it is likely to be caused by genetic and environmental factors. Hans Asperger suggests that, genetics contributes to the causes of Asperger syndrome, although no specific gene has been identified (Woodbury-Smith and Volkmar , 2009). The exact cause is still being investigated as further research is being done on the condition. However, current research reveals that, Asperger syndrome is caused by brain abnormalities. Through the use of brain imaging techniques, a number of scientists have indicated that, functional and structural differences in certain parts of the brains which leads to Asperger syndrome. According to McPartland and Klin, these defects in the brain are normally caused by the abnormal migration of embryonic cells du...

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...e ideal treatment for this disorder is through organizing interventions that will address the three core symptoms of the condition which are; difficulties in interaction, communication, and behavioral problems. Asperger syndrome is a condition whose exact cause and cure are unknown but it can be managed through intervention.

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