The Most Common Treatment of Autism

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Autism was discovered in the early 1900. It was then used to name a range of different neuropsychological conditions. The Term Autism is derived from the word “autos” that in Greek means self. This word was used because Autistic people usually keep to themselves and keep away from social interactions. The first person to use this term was a Eugen Bleuler. He was a Swiss Psychiatrist. He started this in 1911 and he used this to refer to certain symptoms from schizophrenia. The term became used in the USA in the 1940’s. It was then used by a doctor from John Hopkins University to name withdrawn behavior that he observed by children.

Asperger’s Syndrome which is part of the Autism Spectrum was identified by Hans Asperger and hence it is named after him. People who are diagnosed with Asperger are usually very intelligent. They don’t necessarily have language problems. However, they do have trouble with social interaction.

Up until the 1960 Schizophrenia and Autism was considered to be pretty much the same. After that professionals began to separate Autism to a Category by itself. Some people used medication to treat it. Others used punishments to deal with this problem. Behavioral therapy was started during the 1980 and 1990 to treat Autism.

Nowadays, the most common treatments for Autism is behavioral therapy. ABA therapy is a very common technique used. (Simpson) The children with Autism are taught general social skills. One way this is taught is through modeling social behaviors to them and teaching them to imitate it.

Autism is a disease. One of the main characteristics is having social problems. Children with Autism have trouble interacting with other children. They won’t play with other children. They could be so focus...

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...g because of their communication deficits. Autism is treated with medication as well as with behavioral therapy. They also need accommodations for their sensory issues. Even in Autism itself every child is a different situation. There are no two that are the same.

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