Arguments On Prostitution

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Prostitution is a topic many don’t like to talk about. There are many different opinions and misconceptions about this type of work. First, there are various women who’ve been missing for long periods and police don’t take prostitution cases seriously. Secondly, prostitutes are at risk of violence by their own clients and can face harmful situations. Lastly prostitutes have a significantly high exposure to STDs especially if protection isn’t used. Many may disagree and believe that prostitution may actually be good for society. One may argue that the law takes great respect in prostitution cases especially that many people despise them. Also, one may argue that prostitutes know how to handle themselves when it comes to physical violence.…show more content…
Harmful situations can occur when with a client. When a clients doesn’t get his/her way physical violence can come upon them. “A number of authors have documented and analyzed the sexual and physical violence that is the normative experience for women in prostitution” (Farley, Lynne, and Cotton 243). Women in the sex industry are working in such high level of violence and it’s easy for someone to assault them especially if one can’t defend themselves. Prostitutes are not safe but this is there only source of income so it’s hard for them to quite. Prostitutes are not only physically abused but also sexually abused. “Seventy-six percent of those who had been raped had been raped by customers” (Farley, Lynne, and Cotton 249). Legalizing prostitution would bring these numbers significantly higher because prostitution work would keep on growing and so would violence. If prostitution was illegal there wouldn’t be so many crime towards them and these women would be safe. Prostitutes don’t know every client it’s so hard to tell what a person might do. Their clients can also be drunk or high and not have self-control over their actions and cause serious harm to a prostitute. These prostitutes also face verbal abuse by their clients. Even if
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