Argumentative Essay On The Skeletal System

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The skeletal system, why did I decide on this system out of the others? The answer is simple for me, I have broken, sprained, twisted and dislocated many bones out of my twenty-one years. Out of this time I have become interested in learning more about bones and how it all helps with the body. I will be discussing the reasoning’s more in depth of why I find this system interesting, as well as, discuss the different pathologies and the different bone specialists there are. And finally, I will share the different diseases that affect the bone system.
This system is a very unique part of the body. The adult body is made up of two hundred and six bones giving your body its form and structure and assists with different bodily movements, as well
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The axial skeleton has a total of eighty bones that consists of the vertebral column, the rib cage and the skull. This part helps with the body’s upright posture. While the appendicular skeleton has a total of one hundred and twenty-six bones which consists of the thoracic region, upper extremities (UE) and lower extremities (LE) and pelvic region to assist with the functions such as, walking, jumping, running and other movements you put your mind to. This form also protects the major organs, for example, the lungs and…show more content…
There are also many tools that are used to detect these diseases and deformities, such as, x-rays, MRIs, bone density tests (BDT) and arthroscopy. Bone scans and bone marrow biopsies are used to diagnose if one has cancer. Osteoporosis is the most common prevalent disease, it primarily affects the elderly, which results in loss of bone tissue. In this disease, the bone loses its calcium making the bone thin and sometimes make it as nonexistent. Osteomalacia is a disease of softening of the bones, often caused by a vitamin D deficiency which can often be corrected by taking extra vitamin D. Rickets happens in children, causing their bones to soften and weaken, this usually is because of an extreme prolonged vitamin D deficiency. With this lack of vitamin, the bones are not absorbing calcium and phosphorous which is the food for bones. In result, this causes children to become bow legged. Another common issue for bones such as the joints, is arthritis. This usually affects the neck, shoulders, hands, lower back, hips and knees. Scoliosis is another bone disease that occurs in the spine. This can be determined with an x-ray, when your picture of your spine creates what is called a “C or “S” shape. A rarer disease of the skeletal system is bone cancer. Although it is rare, it still happens. Bone cancer may originate in the bones or they may spread there from other parts of the body that is the
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