Skeletal System Essay

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The skeletal system is made of all the bones, connective tissues and joints in the body. Bones, cartilage are some of the bones that make up the Skeletal system. The Skeletal system helps perform important everyday functions, for example; support, movement and protection, etc. The skeletal system helps form blood cells. The skeletal system helps store calcium and phosphorus, which is important and beneficial to the other functions in the body. A bunch of nerves put together is called the Nervous system. The Nervous system helps with body coordination and provides sensory information about external problems. The nervous system controls the brain, spinal cord, sense organs, etc. Without our nervous system, we would not be able to function, since…show more content…
The muscular system helps the body with movement. Throughout the entire body, there are 600 skeletal muscles. In a way, the skeletal system and the muscular system work together; the nervous system tells the muscles to contract and the muscles move. Some of the functions of the muscular system are to move the body, support and protect the organs throughout the body.
The heart, blood and blood vessels make up the cardiovascular system. The function of the cardiovascular system is to evenly distribute blood cells, water and nutrients. The cardiovascular system helps send blood to the body’s tissues. The heart is a muscle and the most important part of the cardiovascular system. Heart attacks, heart failure, and abnormal heart beat is a serious issue for the cardiovascular system these can sometimes lead to death. These diseases affect the heart and its functions (Heart and Cardiovascular disease 2005). The lymphatic system is made up of organs and tissues, that defends the body against infectious diseases, while also returning tissue fluids to the body’s bloodstream. The lymphatic system prevents the body from disease and infection by producing white blood cells. The lymphatic system helps our immune
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The urinary system helps regulate a woman’s pH balance. Although, the urinary system is beneficial it also can also be very open to infections, blockages and injuries. Inside the body, the kidney’s helps make the urine by filtering wastes from the body. The urinary system works with many parts throughout the body such as the lungs, the skins and the intestines (Urinary system 2017). There are three parts that make up the respiratory system; muscle, lungs and the airway (respiratory system 2017). Although, there are three main parts the main organ is the lungs. The respiratory system delivers air to the alveoli, while giving and removing Carbon dioxide. Asthma is one of the many respiratory diseases. From personal experience, Asthma can affect one’s life in many ways. Asthma is when your airway is inflamed and produces a lot of mucus which makes it hard for one to breathe. Many are affected by respiratory diseases, because it effects their everyday
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