Argumentative Essay On Anti Abortion

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Anti-Abortion Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, meaning that during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy the female stops the fetus from developing anymore. Child abortion can be a very debatable topic from both points of view. There are many people that say abortion is wrong and should be illegal. Other people say the opposite and think that they should not be forced to keep a child if they do not want to. A woman can choose to have an abortion simply because she doesn’t want to have a child or because she was raped and doesn’t think it’s right to have a child that she did not want to have. “Ultimately abortion takes place because there is something wrong within the culture, within the system, and not simply because this or that particular woman is seeking to end an unwanted pregnancy” (Rolheiser). Child…show more content…
Immoral means that someone does something they want to without thinking about others. Child abortion is considered immoral because the when the mother decides that she does not want to keep the child she is only thinking about herself. The idea of her talking the life of a child does not go through her head. It is all about what the mother wants because the child has no input on the decision. Another reason why abortion she be illegal is because technically it is considered murder. The first weeks of pregnancy are considered conception, and then turned into the form of a fetus. An abortion is processed during the form of a fetus. While in the form of a fetus, it is alive. Therefor abortion should be considered murder, because the baby is now alive and “the rights of children as individuals begin while yet they remain the fetus” (Woodhull). Abortion is the same thing as murder; this is true because murdering could easily be defined as killing somebody who does not want to be killed or cannot speak to defend themselves
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