Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Even though we have become more socially progressive as a society, the struggle for eliminating the shaming of women who’ve received an abortion or use Planned Parenthood services continues and there right to abortion is an argument that persists because of pro life advocates and the socially conservative agenda found in the Republican party. Many republican politicians and conservative religious groups have made it difficult for women to emotionally accept themselves for choosing to have abortions but they make it physically and financially difficult for them to access those resources. Access to clinics who preform abortions has become more limited and difficult to acquire in recent years. Procedures for clinics providing multiple types of…show more content…
Lack of proper benefits and healthcare also keeps many of these women from being allowed to access abortion or contraceptives and in many cases if they’re already lacking the resources to obtain those, then its going to be that much harder for them to raise a child without those necessities. This absence of healthcare and benefits covering abortion or contraceptives is because many corporations and employers with pro life political views, or who are fiscally greedy have chosen not to provide women with that type of healthcare according to recent findings (Brown, 2013) (Associated Press, 2008). These corporations have had much support from the pro-life advocates and conservative politicians. In recent years Republican politicians have voted and pushed for employer discrimination rights against female employees using contraception or who’ve had abortions regardless of what laws are in place or what public opinion is. They’ve pushed for female employees to be required to notify employers if they’ve had an abortion or intend to have one or if they are using contraceptives or other similar services,…show more content…
Wade. “Women are allowed to terminate their pregnancies up to the second trimester however at the point of the third trimester it is found to be against the law to abort the fetus.” (Roe vs. Wade, 2008). The result of this landmark case helped many women gain control of their lives. The decision made a large impact on one group in particular, rape victims. This sub group has been at the forefront of the abortion discussion and they are a group that even many pro life advocates sympathize with. According to polls taken by the Natural Science Foundation, more than 1700 Americans were interviewed and it was found that more than 75% of those participants believed rape victims should be allowed to have an abortion (Clemment, 2015). Roe vs. Wade helped women who had no choice in their pregnancy and are victims of it release themselves from any remembrance of their pain. The decision of Roe vs. Wade also has saved countless lives contrary to the pro life view. It has kept women from going to unlicensed and illegal medical practioners, which are dangerous methods of acquiring an abortion. According to many physicians, having the option to go to a legally and medically certified abortion clinic has saved many women’s lives due to the high number of patient casualties and severe injuries done by the hands of these illegally practicing pseudo doctors (Joffe, 2013). It is estimated that
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