Argumentative Essay Marriage

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“ Why people need to marry with someone? Why do we need a piece of paper to prove that I love you ? Marriage does not mean anything. We are living together now. Is not it good enough for us” my friend’ boyfriend said to her when she mentioned she want a marriage. After he had said that, she broke up with him soon. I began to wonder what is the meaning of marriage ? Even though I understand why people think marriage means nothing, I disagree. A marriage license is a piece of paper but it is not just a piece of paper; marriage means a lot to yourself, your family, and society. Marriage has many social and economic value that could help the development of any country. Most girls want to marry with someone who loved. Also, when I was young I want to marry with a handsome boys in the future, like a princess marry with price ; even now I still think I will meet a guy whom I loved so much and I would like to spend the rest of my life with him;then, I will marry to him. I am willing to marry with him because I love him very much. Even though I will see the same face everyday in the next 50 years, I still want to marry to him because marriage is a certificate. This is powerful evidence to prove the love for the person…show more content…
Marriage license that piece of paper will make your life much better; the paper alway reminds you how much I loved that person. However, love cannot be always fresh but marriage can remains there is a person who will always be with you. Do not think marriage is a grave of love; Marriage is just an access to new stage of life, a better life. Marriage also has economic and social value because married men are better than the single men. Married men tend to work harder and earn more money for family. Also, married people are more reliable than single men because they have responsibility for their family. Therefor, people should believe in marriage because marriage will make everything
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