Five Non-Religious Reasons Of Marriage: Dennis Prager's Arguments For Marriage

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Once upon a time marriage was a requirement of society and a value to many women who wanted a stable life. It stand as a commitment to their husband and to God. It remain a way to start a proper family in the eyes the Lord. It was what many mothers and daughters dreamed of. Now that, many generations have passed many people believe marriage is not valued and Divorce rates are higher than ever. Religion has also become optional and there’re many different religions to choose from. Cohabitation has also reigned over society one doesn’t need to wait till marriage. Now you are able to move in with the person you love at any point in life. Marriage had started as a first option to many but it has become the last. There are still reasons why marriage…show more content…
Husband and wife become one and so do the family. A husband or wife would have an opportunity to become closer to each family member and create special bonds. Families couldn’t judge when a married couple lives together and would be less involved in a relationship. Family holidays would not be as awkward because they’re apart of the family. Dennis Prager discusses in the article Five Non-Religious Arguments for Marriage that “only with marriage will your man’s or your women’s family ever become yours” (par.6). In contrast not being married could cause family deputes and bring families apart. Either the boyfriend or girlfriend side of the family can be religious and want the couple to get married or disagree with their living conditions. Also a sibling or other relatives wouldn’t be as close, family members would see one as just another partner. It also can have an impact on the relationship overall because families would pressure one to get married and be in their personal business. Moreover, when been married a couple is able to have support by any family member financially and emotionally. Sometimes newly married couples have a hard time supporting one another and need financial help or have a hard time finding a place to live. On top of that, Hardship can also come upon the couple and the family can offer advice and guidance. Betty G. Ferrell states in Academic Perspectives on the Family “what families seem to provide naturally, societies would otherwise have a coordinate and regulate at great cost” (Par.15). Families help each other under any circumstance, but when a couple is not married there is no obligation to help because one is not seen as
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