Application Of Sustainable Transportation To Sustainable Tourism

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I. INTRODUCTION Sustainability, in general is a capacity or capability of environment to sustain itself and to be maintained and The term sustainable tourism can be defined as a conception of traveling as a tourist to cities and do the best to make good impacts on environment. The term sustainable transportation is used to define methods of transportation and systems of transportation development which are in agreement with sustainable development. The report will discuss sustainability and the application of sustainable transportation to sustainable tourism. II. Sustainable Development Sustainable development is improvement that achieves the needs of the people currently without compromising the capability of coming…show more content…
Management of sustainable tourism Nowadays, there is a promotion of sustainable tourism about the organization of tourist places by locals. This method of tourism depends on the basis that the people who live near to a resource are suitable to protect it. Therefore, The tourism events and businesses are developed by local community persons. People who live near to a resource run the companies and are responsible to promote the preservation warnings to protect their environment. B. Environmental impacts The excellence of the environment is necessary to sustainable tourism. However, the relationship between tourism and environment is complicated. It involves many activities that could have negative environmental effects many of these effects are connected with the construction of tourism facilities for instance, resorts, hotels, restaurants and shops. The bad impacts of tourism will destroy the environmental resources. However, sustainable tourism has possible to create good impacts on the environment by funding to environmental preservation. It is a method to increase awareness of environmental principles and improve their economic growth. 1. Coastal…show more content…
There is a need for proper approach with a full view to maintain the sustainability of coastal tourism. Approximately half of the population lives within the coastal area (Ghosh 1). The effect of coastal tourism is varied and delicate for people who live in coastal area. The bad effects on the coastal environments are caused from the enormous pressure on finite local resources, increased or unwanted invasion of natural areas and serious disagreement between tourism and other sectors.(Ghosh 2). 2. Mountain tourism Mountains can help tourism and bring money for the people who live in mountainous area for instance, Mount Everest has many attractive things and many global climbers around the world want to summit the top of the highest point in the world. VI. Tourism and sustainable transport Sustainable transportation does not only imply a change in the system of transportation but also a great jump in sustainable tourism. Improving systems of transportation means that carbon dioxide will be reduced and the environment will be more

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