Literature Review: Ecotourism And Wildlife Tourism

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Ecotourism Literature Review Introduction Ecotourism and wildlife tourism. The origin of ecotourism have been discussed throughout numerous different pieces of literature that can go back to the 1980’s, this was stated by Orams (1995) meanwhile Higgins later stated (1996) can trace notes back a further decade. The definitions of ecotourism can be linked to sustainable tourism and green tourism (Newsome et al.,2005) the definition of ecotourism includes geology, ecosystems as well as the local community and their cultures, this definition was given by Wallace and Pierce (1996). The purpose of ecotourism is for enjoyment and education in a close to untouched. Ecotourism has many different features such as the impact and management. There are…show more content…
The environmental impact upon the tourism industry was first discussed by Pearce (1985). During the 1960’s National Geographic mentioned it in one of their magazine. Studies on lots of different destinations including London were published during the 1970s explaining how the tourism is causing overdevelopments with hotels ruining nature areas (Pollock 1971) “While tourism has transformed much of the worlds natural beauty into gold, the industry may have plated seeds of its own destruction” (Crittendon 1975) Even though minimising impacts is what ecotourism is trying to achieve it also have it downfalls such as wildlife harassment and with the growth of interest by Eco tourist, ecotourism is forced the expand resulting in other downfalls such as natural habitat loss (Ballantyne and Pickering,2012). This got supported by Lee (2013) who found that ecotourism could lead animals becoming to accustomed to humans resulting animals being more relate on the human race resulting in the animals not being truly wild. Ecotourism is called as tourism with the lowest effect on nature, enough though there is ways phase out all negative impacts ecotourism has on the environment. Employees of different ecotourism schemes are educated on biodiversity and ecology, but people such as Kruger says that including local communities in education of the environment improves…show more content…
A good manager is unshakeable by their research and able to understand the nature of ecotourism as well as having the correct morals. The practice of management is in ecotourism like any other company it has its objectives to reach by using different styles of management. Ecotourism management is shown by research to have features like Eco tourist, staff and tourism flow. The management strategy needs to involve economic and social resources, the objective of the strategy is to allow sustainable development of the local conservation of the area (Kaffashi

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