Sustainable Development and its Importance

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Sustainable Development And The Triple Bottom Line
Sustainable development means that the present generations should be able to make use of resources to live better lives in such a manner that it doesn’t compromise the ability of future generations to survive and make better lives for themselves as well. For sustainable development to occur, there needs to be sustainable economic, ecological and community development. Society needs to be educated about ways in which they can use resources, especially natural, in such a manner that it doesn’t cause harm to the environment and put future generations lives at risk.
Sustainability planning should be made on the local, national and international levels. We need to be able to utilize our economic and natural resources in a way that will enhance our lives but not inflict damage to the environment. For example, when trees are cut down for paper production they should be re-planted to prevent massive deforestation of our planets forests/natural environments. “What might appear sustainable or unsustainable on a local scale may not be at a global scale.” (Braun, 2005: 639). This is why as many people as can be taught about sustainability should be taught, so as to make people aware of their actions on the environment and how they impact on the ecology, community, economy and the generations to follow.
Laws, especially environmental laws, should be created and put in place to prevent the massive and unsustainable use of resources in the environment. “Local-global relationships conducive to sustainability” (Braun, 2005: 640) should be developed and implemented world over to try to enforce and reinforce global, political and economic change towards sustainability.
Sustainable development, “dev...

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In this essay, the author

  • Argues that the precautionary principle should be implemented before any development can take place, so as to measure the impact of the proceedings on the environment, community or economy.
  • Opines that if we are unable to maintain healthy and clean environments while proceeding with development, it could have a detrimental effect on our health in the long term.
  • Opines that human development is mandatory to achieving sustainable development, and that a more sustainable way of dealing with the increasing number of cars is to increase taxes and tariffs paid for using public roads in the inner city.
  • Argues that the fight against environmental, economic, and community unsustainability and inequity would be futile if people continued to live in unhealthy environments.
  • Argues that sustainable development means that present generations should be able to make use of resources to live better lives and not compromise the ability of future generations.
  • Concludes that we should devise a more nature, economy, and community friendly approach towards sustainable development. humans should not be placed before nature.
  • Explains braun, b., and harris, j.m. 2000 basic principles of sustainable development, global and environment institute working paper 00-04.
  • Cites oelofse, c., school of life and environmental sciences, university of natal, durban pak, m.s.
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