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Malaysia has documentation of more than 20% expansion in medical tourism over the recent 3 years and it produced millions of revenue this year. There are lots of reasons of expansion of medical tourism in Malaysia. Some are as under:
Outstanding medical facilities are provided at incredible charges. There are extremely competent, certified and capable medical expert. The hospitals have outstanding structure and they work with different manner so as to avert long log jam and offer rapid and excellent treatment. As Malaysia is, multi-cultural country so there is no language obstruction. The visa and tour procedure is very straightforward and easy.
Wildlife tourism is viewing wildlife in a natural environment. Most of the country covered by steamy rain forest it carries a huge varieties of plant and animal species with huge offshore territory of the great diversity of life, with the country's coastal waters, part of the Coral Triangle.
Introduction of Organization: The World Wildlife Fund for Nature organization is start working 1972 in Malaysia. WWF Malaysia aim is to protect the natural environment. WWF Malaysia early work focused on the important natural habitats of wildlife research. Later extended to protected area management. Today, the WWF work involves a wide variety of natural environmental problems; it is combined with aspects of policy work, environmental education, public awareness and advocacy activities.
Performance and Coverage: WWF Malaysia centralized large scale priority areas, covering a wide range of wildlife and ecosystem protection. The final goal is to protect, restore and protect the diversity of species, forests, marine, coastal and freshwater environments, in order to achie...

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... economic, and socio-cultural. A sustainable tourism development would to enhance the use of ecological resources while protective the natural tradition and biodiversity and by living cultural tradition protection, respect the local culture host communities. The local communities, while helping to reduce poverty and ensure sustainable and unbiased economic activities, employ opportunities and social services.
Strategies Implementations: According to above mentioned strategies. Malaysia is executing emerging issues and implements strategies on them to develop countries tourism and move it toward attractive destination for tourists.
With reference to research and tourism, related businesses and activities are growing rapidly in Malaysia. Malaysia is working with great ambition to develop the country's tourism industry, but some areas are yet to develop.

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