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Annotated Bibliography
Lo, Ruth. "A Longitudinal Study of Perceived Level of Stress, Coping and Self-Esteem of
Undergraduate Nursing Students: An Australian Case Study." Journal of Advanced
Nursing 39.2 (2002): 119-126. Print.
This source was written by Ruth Lo, who is affiliated with the School of Nursing and Health Care Practices, Southern Cross University. This study examined the stress levels among college nursing students. The study revealed the high level of stress the students felt they had. It explained different ways, both beneficial and detrimental, the participants chose to deal with their stress. Different sources of stress were mentioned. Another major topic was how the participants successfully decreased their perceived stress levels. This was discussed in various categories such as: studies, family, and personal. The author compared the results received over several years of testing and explained the differences between the years. They then drew conclusions from their study about the true impact of stress on the college students. This study will be used to provide …show more content…

They stated in the book that they are “two international stress experts”. This is a book about how to correctly deal with stress. It explained the meaning and impact of stress. The authors discussed the relationship between a person’s ability to cope with circumstances and the pressure affecting them. They also mentioned changes that one should make to handle stress appropriately. Throughout the book there were several questionnaires a person could fill out to measure different aspects of the impact of stress on their lives. Finally, the book explained how someone should make a plan of action for taking care of their stress appropriately. The book spent some time explaining that stress does not only impact the person worrying, but also can harm those who surround them. This source will offer some of the solutions to stress for the

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