Analysis on Re-Think Commerical

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I am analyzing a commercial put on by the Hawaii State Department of Health's statewide health promotion campaign. This commercial is titled Re-think your drink and shows why choosing water, 100% juice, and low fat/1% milk is a healthier choice in beverages. Drinking one can of soda or juice a day can make a person 10 pounds heavier a year! Rhetorical devices that I have found in this text are pathos and ethos. The purpose of this analysis is to determine whether this commercial is effective or persuasive. The re-think your drink commercial for the start living healthy campaign is both effective and persuasive. Its pathos affects my emotion because it compares the amount of sugar in soda to a cup of orange junk. The rhetorical devices in this text have made "re-thinking my drink" very effective. This commercial is important because people that drink soda or juice don't realize how much sugar and fat that one can contains. To see orange junk come out of a can besides drinkable liquid is not appetizing at all. This commercial contains both ethos and pathos. Credibility is another word for ethos; it is the use of reputation, experience, and values of the author or an expert to support claims (Johnson-Sheehan 147). Ethos in the commercial is shown at the end. The last frame is the start living healthy and Department of Health logo, which makes this commercial credible. Pathos are emotion, the text uses feelings desires, or fears to influence the reader. The pathos in this commercial is at the beginning. A beverage can gets opened and poured into a cup. What comes out is orange junk and leaves you thinking, what! Where's the soda/juice? This made me feel disgusted because in actuality, the orange junk is in comparison to how much sugar soda/juice can contain. The second pathos is shown when the actor drank the cup of orange junk. Those made me feel even more disgusted and not want to drink soda again! The third pathos is shown towards the end of the commercial, showing the healthier choice, water. This commercial can be found on YouTube and is aired on numerous T.V. channels including KITV 4. The actress in the first commercial is a junior at Mililani High School. This add targets the teenage audience because the campaign has found that consumption of sugary drinks in Hawaii is highest among teens ("Rethink", par.
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