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In Precious (2009), directed by Lee Daniels, we meet 17-year-old Claireece “Precious” Jones, experiencing the unfortunate circumstances of her impoverished living with a physically and verbally abuse mother, her inability has to read or write, all while having to go through a pregnancy committed by her own father for the second time. Through the movie we find physical, psychological, and educational consequences it has left on her, but also see the willpower she gains to overcome the oppression of her living condition towards something better.
Precious was subject to injustice acts by her very own mother, Mary Lee Johnston, and father, Carl Kenwood Jones who is never seen in the film. She does not know how to live any other way that is not being subject to the cruelty committed by Johnston’s hatred towards her. This is seen in almost every scene that includes she abuses Precious by hurting her with any inanimate object in her way: vases, pans, bottles, etc. She devalues her every opportunity she has in order to keep her own daughter from succeeding since that is exactly how she sees Precious, unsuccessful and worthless.
As we are being introduced to her in the beginning of the movie, we already know that her father is not in the picture since she is living alone …show more content…

This is the scene that truly defines Precious’ independence since her mother has to finally confess the reasons for the abuse that her daughter had to induce for so long. The incoherent statements that Johnston produced to every question the social worker was asking helped Precious see how disturbed her mother truly was. The movie ends with the Precious walking away with her two children at hand with a clear conscience and a path to the life she always desired. It may not be as far as one would like it to be, but the confidence in herself and those who support her is all she ever wanted, needed, and got exactly

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