Violence In The Movie Precious

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Most people have experienced some form of violence in their family. Many of these dramatic events involve children becoming victims of abuse. In the movie “Precious” an African American sixteen year old female is tormented by her parents. Precious is the victim of several different form of abuse including: sexual, neglect, psychological, and physical. She is pregnant with her second child, both her children biological parent is her own father, who constantly rapes her. Precious’s mother is envious of her daughter because of the sexual relationship he has with his daughter. This creates conflict among them resulting in physical and psychological abuse. Precious escapes from realty by imaging herself as a glamourous star. With the help of her…show more content…
I sat down with my wife Marina and brother-in-law Anthony to watch this movie. While I watched the movie I noticed my wife reaction when she would see graphic scenes such as Precious being raped by her father and her mother throwing her new born to the ground. She became angry that parents could be so cruel to their children. My wife could not believe that a mother could not show any affection to her daughter. She thought the violence was inhumane and unforgiving. Her reaction is based on her personal experience, she is a mother of two and has experience with violence when she was a child. She liked the movie because she wants to become a social worker and it showed all the components a child abuse case goes through. The social worker interviews both mother and daughter to determine whether the abuse Precious is experiencing, the home visitation social workers conduct to determine the child’s well-being. Anthony thought the movie was pointless. He did not understand the purpose of the film. He would laugh at the scene when Precious was knock down by her mother and bullies around her neighborhood. He teased her when she went into the restaurant to steal a bucket of chicken, calling her fat. He did condemn the violence, stating that no one should be raped or abused by their parents but he did not like the film. Our judgement is different because of our knowledge in the subject of violence. My wife is a college student with social work as her major. She has clear understanding of what encompasses violence because of the classes she has taken. Anthony is a sixteen year old senior in high school. He is immature and lacks knowledge in the subject of family

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