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What was the narrative of the show, who were the characters, and director? Love Jones the Musical is a makeover of the movie Love Jones directed and written by Theodore Witcher. The film starred Larenz Tate - as Darius Lovehall, and Nia Long - as Nina Mosley. The musical produced by Melvin Childs is touring around the country. I was able to catch an evening show of the shows only two nights held at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn. The stars of the musical are Tony Grant - as Darius Lovehall, and Chrisette Michelle - as Nina Mosley. Singers Musiq Soulchild, MC Lyte, Marsha Ambrosius, Raheem Devaughn, and Dave Hollister played themselves. The musical like the movie takes place in Chicago. The plot was also similar to that of 1997 movie in which Darius a poet and Nina a photographer gets together and fall in love. Trials and tribulations test their relationship, but the couple proved that black love is strong by overcoming their obstacles in the end. In addition, this musical either surprised or fascinated me. I was skeptical about going to this show because I 'm not into love movies. I assume this show would be the same. But I am glad that I was mistaken because the show was great. Seeing some of my favorite R&B artists acting was a pleasant surprise. I was blown away at how good these chart-topping singers performed as actors. The way in which the actors interact with one another and the countless hilarious…show more content…
Looking at this musical brought me back to the first musical I ever saw when I was young, which is Jelly’s Last Jam starring Gregory Hines. Like that musical, Love Jones had a similar effect immersing me in the music and acting and tied these feelings into my senses. Both musical are compartmentalized in a special place in my brain for the rest of my life. To say I enjoyed this play is an understatement, and I would recommend this to anyone who can catch this show touring in their

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