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North Central Texas College performed their version of the rock musical Spring Awakening. Their adaptation was based on the 1891 version of the play by Frank Wedekind. The modern version of the play is written in English is by Anya Reiss. The play basically expresses the challenges, troubles, and misfortune teenagers go through, but also the happiness, joy, and excitement. The play also shows that in the adolescent years, teenagers are still searching and learning about themselves and discover who they really want to be. It also shows teenagers exploring their sexuality. The play was very relatable especially to teens. The play was performed on March 1, 2014 at 7:30PM at the First Bank Center for Performing Arts in Gainesville. This report will concern four elements of the production. I will focus on the acting, scenic design, costume and make design, as well as the sound design.
For a college production, the acting was outstanding. I really felt the emotions. The lead Wendla, who was played by KyLeigh Zimmerer, was amazing. I have also seen bits and pieces of the Broadway version which starred Lea Michelle, and obviously if I were to compare the acting, the Broadway version would be victorious. However, for a college production, these actors have limited past experience, but their acting was professional. Also, when they sang the song "Those You've Known," I felt chills and had goose bumps because that was such an emotional song. You could feel all the emotions and guilt Melchior, played by Ryan Ramirez, was feeling because both his best friend, Moritz, played by Justin Noblitt, and the girl he impregnated, Wendla, died and he believed he was to blame. Moritz committed suicide while Wendla died from a botch abortion her mom for...

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...the audience and parents that tragedy that could come to them. I think it is not only a lesson for teenagers, but a lesson for parents as well. Time, effort, and energy put into this play were definitely worthwhile, in my opinion. I believe all their practice, rehearsal, and hard work paid off.
Overall, I really enjoyed the production. The storyline itself, the acting, and all the designs were amazing. Despite there being a lot of sexual terms and cuss words mention, the plot serves as a good lesson for teens and especially parents and teachers. This play teaches parents to be more open and accepting to their children. This also serves as a lesson for teachers to be less harsh to students. I would definitely want to watch it again. In fact, NCTC produced a Spring Awakening concert performing only the songs. I watched that as well and this time I was singing along!

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how north central texas college performed their version of the rock musical spring awakening, based on frank wedekind's 1891 version. the modern version is written in english by anya reiss.
  • Compares the broadway version of "those you've known" to a college production, where the actors have limited past experience, but their acting was professional.
  • Opines that the broadway version influenced the nctc production in terms of the scenic design.
  • Analyzes how the costume and makeup in the play embodied each character and their personalities. wendla wore a long white dress with white stocking and had simple makeup.
  • Analyzes how the sound design was great and the tones of their voices were amazing. the actress who played wendla had an amazing voice.
  • Opines that melchior's song "those you've known" was one of the best songs in the production.
  • Opines that zimmerer embodied wendla and that the designer did a great job with the costumes.
  • Analyzes how wedekind achieved a tragedy due to the fact that all the elements of the tragedy were implemented onto the script.
  • Opines that the play was worth producing, even though it showed rated r scenes like rape, masturbation, and other sexual situations. wedekind wanted to show people the reality of life.
  • Opines that the storyline, the acting, and all the designs were amazing. the plot serves as a good lesson for teens and teachers.
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