Analysis Of Boeing, Boeing At The Venice Theater

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T’was the eve of Tuesday, January 28, 2014, where at 8pm, I attended the performance, Boeing, Boeing at the Venice Theater Main stage with my younger sister. After reading a quick preview of this play, I decided to see this as one of my required three because I was very intrigued in twisted love stories such as this one. This production achieved its goal, which was to show how plans could backfire and get all discombobulated very easily and quickly. Overall, the goal was to show that telling the truth from the beginning is the way to go. All of this “nonsense” occurred in Bernard apartment located in Paris. I was very entertained with this play because it was full of unwinding secrets and never had a dull moment. Boeing, Boeing takes plays in Bernard’s apartment in Paris, France. Bernard, the protagonist, is a well off, older gentlemen who believes in polygamy, and in this case has three fiancés who do not know about one another. All three ladies, one German, one American, and one Italian, are all airline hostess for different airlines. Bernard has a schedule set up, based on the timetables of the flights so that they are all at his home at different times. The only ones who know of the arrangement are the antagonist, the housekeeper, Berthe and Robert an old friend of Bernard’s. Bernard is trying to successfully live a life with three fiancés without having any conflicts. His friend Robert doesn’t understand his lifestyle and has a hard time keeping the stories and fiancés straight when they come into town. But before Bernard realizes it, the airlines have upgrades to newer, faster planes which throws off his schedule and lands all three of his fiancés in their Paris apartment at once, leading to a catastrophe. The set design... ... middle of paper ... ... on stage. This major production for Venice Theater was a success in my opinion. It was well worth doing; as I cant remember a moment that was not full of laughter from the audience, as this play kept everyone on the edge of their seats. They did a fantastic job finding actors and actresses who did outstanding with their rolls. Any escapist would thoroughly enjoy this production. I would highly recommend this play to others, but they must see it quickly as it will soon be out of the Venice Theater. Personally I about rolled out of my seat laughing and thoroughly had a great time, as the play achieved its goals. This production I enjoyed more than the previous one that I saw, but now I am beginning to appreciate the different aspects it takes to put on one of the productions like this, and can identify the differences between shows. Boeing, Boeing is a must see!
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