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Many people never realize or take much notice on what deaf people go through in life, but by watching the movie "Love is Never Silent", hearing people are able to have a clear view of what it is like to be deaf in the hearing world. Many different perspectives towards how deaf people live, socialize, party or work are built by many distinctive types of people. As the movie "Love is Never Silent" shows, Margaret and her family are isolated from their community. They aren 't allowed to sign in front of the hearing because it 's strange and abnormal. Seeing a deaf person sign during a time where being different can make a person look like an outcast makes hearing people pity the deaf and end up treating them as ignorant people. Although deaf…show more content…
To them seeing a person just move their lips leaves them wondering what the person is doing. Margaret 's parents felt trapped in the hearing world where their only guide to life in the hearing world was Margaret since she was the only one who could link them to the hearing world. Margaret gives up her social life just to be with her parents; caring for them. Throughout her life, Margaret feels guilt, shame and despair because she has deaf parents who can 't seem to be able to become dependent in their society or provided her with brand new clothes like her rich friend 's parents. Instead her mother has to make her the prom dress while her friends go shopping for a brand new dress. Margaret 's mother, Janice is very conservative which prevents Margaret from getting a dress cheaper than her friends ' since she believes that the deaf don 't beg. Janice and Abel do want the hearing to pity or make them seem as disable people. When they go out, they hide their signs in order to prevent people from laughing at them and making them feel so different. They 're scared to sign in public because immediately people stare at them and make a face as if to say "what are they doing, crazy people", bringing down their self teem. To them trusting hearing people is not a choice since they had a terrible experience when buying a car from a hearing man…show more content…
The film "Love is Never Silent" is an emotional movie build with sad, joyful, angry and excitement feelings. When Margaret 's little brother dies I felt so sorry for her family and especially for her because she would be alone in the hearing and sign world. But everything got better when she met her husband, which was so emotional; to see her finally be happy. Although it was frustrating when Margaret kept putting off telling people she had deaf parents, since to me it seemed like that was nothing to be ashamed of at all. It is sad to see deaf people be in a way, discriminated for being deaf like the scene in the movie where the factory boss blames a woman of being guilty for getting hurt just for being deaf. Also when Margaret 's father buys the audiogram to prevent him from signing to Margaret are her graduation, it was so sad to see that scene of the movie because you can how much Margaret 's parent care for Margaret and how they want to blended it with the other parents.The whole movie was great and truly improve my knowledge of how deaf people lived their life with the birth of a hearing child. Therefore being in this class has taught me a great amount of the way deaf culture has developed and how people throughout history have made a great change in the life 's of deaf people. I have never known or met a deaf person in my life, but taking ASL was one of the

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