Analysis Of Sonia Singh's Natural Girls

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Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh participates in this movement using Bratz dolls for her subjects. As Natural Girls United introduces girls to the concept of black glamour and representation, Singh repurposes her dolls with the intention to celebrate girlhood and respect the environment. She does not consider her artistic process a feminist act and removes herself from the conversation about race and identity in relation to her work. In her words, this is a hobby she shares with her daughter, she is simply a mom who travels to 2nd hand shops to rescue unloved dolls so they do not go to waste. At the encouragement of her husband, she posted her creations to Tumbler, which to her surprise, caused her dolls…show more content…
The narrative accompanying the doll is just as important as her appearance and sets the intention of how the girl will engage in performative play. Dollmakers have the power to send girls positive messages about how a girl will take place in the world with her doll. Will the girl mimic a surgeon if she plays with Doctor Barbie? Will her dream of Olympic aspirations when she plays with swim champion? What kind of role model shall we fashion this doll? Unfortunately it’s been a slow climb to to get Barbie to . Her first careers were a secretary, teacher, and flight attendant. As Feminist put themselves into the debate, Mattel added professions over the years, catapulting Barbie to enter new fields, as a doctor, a judge, a lawyer and even The President of the United States. In contrast, Bratz dolls are underemployed. They are teen girls who love fashion, shopping, sharing and creating their dreams with their friends. In terms of role models, the production of famous figures in the market leans toward movie starlets, models and pop singers. Women who have careers based on their looks before their talent are more likely to be fashioned into a doll. Doll versions of Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez and actresses linked to a blockbuster movie are often easy to find in a store. There are exceptions; recently Mattel released doll versions of more women known for their groundbreaking accomplishments including ballerina Misty Copeland and film director Ava…show more content…
As Lisa returned to Malibu Stacy 's creator, I must revisit Barbie. In the words of her creator, Ruth Handler states “My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.”

Handler developed Barbie as she was watching her daughter Barbara play with her friends their imagining future roles as adults and teenagers. Envisioning that experimenting with the idea of future through this performative play was vital to a girl 's development, Handler fought for years to get the 3-dimensional fashion doll into production, finally launching in 1959.

Was Barbie a feminist success for the time? Yes. Baby dolls were the only option allowing her the role as caretaker to the doll. Giving girls the opportunity to imagine a life outside of their surrounding in 1959 that included options is radical in like manner to the change making that any of the artists have created in this
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