Analysis Of A Negative Leadership Behavior

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Analysis of a Negative Leadership Behavior
Leaders that posses a negative behavior doesn’t only create an intolerable workplace but also corrode employee’s confidence and esteem. If negative behavior is not corrected, it can lead to a lower organizational output and customer discontentment. The sooner a leader realized such interactive failings, the better chances of developing an effective and positive behavior.
Details of the Negative Leadership Experience
I am currently working in a hospital as a PBX operator and our team consists of fourteen members. Our team has been struggling a lot passing important information needed for daily operation. Some members just refused to communicate due to personal issues. This leaves certain employees out of the loop that leads to missed meetings, duplicated work, wasted time or missed informed. One time, one of the team members received a call from the vice president asking for a certain department. However, this member didn’t know what he was talking about; she never heard such a department. The vice president started criticizing her, saying she doesn’t know her job. Unfortunately, the team leader didn’t send the memo to everyone regarding the new department that opened. She only told certain people about it and expected them to interchange it to their team members. Instead of resolving the problem and apologizing for her mistake, she dismissed the issue like nothing happened. As a result, team members have been suspecting the team leader only favors certain people and just doesn’t care.
Analysis of the Leadership Behavior
The leadership behavior portrayed above is poor communication. In this situation, the leader assumed that she didn’t have to tell everyone about the new department be...

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...essages to each individual. Secondly, a leader should aim to be accessible to his team, which can build trust and can rely to each other. Lastly, a leader should demonstrate professionalism when communicating. This will echo professionalism and communication within their team. If the team continues to see how effective your communication skill, how accessible and how professional you are with others they will imitate those traits amongst themselves and in favor towards you.
Effective communication is a complex process and very challenging to develop as there is always a possibility for misunderstanding. However, learning to communicate constructively, consistently and positively will result better outcomes. Doing this well build a good relationship and trust and can decrease confusion and anxiety. This is how leaders I know move their team and careers forward.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that leaders with negative behavior create an intolerable workplace and corrode employee's confidence. if not corrected, it can lead to a lower organizational output and customer discontent.
  • Describes how a hospital pbx operator's team has been struggling to pass important information due to personal issues, which leads to missed meetings, duplicated work, wasted time or missed informed.
  • Explains the leadership behavior portrayed above is poor communication. this behavior leads to individual conflict with several team members. poor communication results in poor productivity, lack of team work, and company failure.
  • Explains that a leader should develop an effective communication that applies to the whole team and must be mastered together.
  • Opines that leaders should develop a clear and effective communication skill, tailor messages to each individual, be accessible to his team, and demonstrate professionalism when communicating.
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