Coercive Theory Of Leadership

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Leadership has many definitions: some people think leadership means guiding or motivates others to complete a task. However, Guenzi and Ruta (2013) define leadership as the ability to impact others within an organisation. As from Hoye , Aaron CT, et al. (2015) definition of leadership simply means developing goals through others. The term “leadership” is therefore all mentioned above: in brief, it is the ability to take someone’s hand and lead them. The leadership styles, theories and competencies’ of Barack Obama will be examined and discusses throughout this essay.
As an overview, leadership theory consist of firstly, Great man theory that is leaders who have been born with qualities and are meant to lead (Bolden, Marturano & Dennison,
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According to the report “Six leadership styles: selecting the right leader” (2016) coercive style is a one- way communication, where the leader give directions that needs to follow. This style is mainly used in a critical situation or when protocol needs to monitor. Alongside there is authoritative, where the leader makes a clear vision for the followers. Also, the leader with this type of style has the ability to win over the interest of his follower’s to walk in the same path (Six leadership styles: selecting the right leader, 2016). Hence, this is effective especially when a new employees started work and need guidance.
Continuously, there is the affiliative style which means that a leader creates a positive harmony for his employees (Six leadership styles: selecting the right leader, 2016). In other words, that leader put people first and tasks second. The Democratic leader focuses on the decision making, also, the employees in this organisation have the skills, knowledge require. Therefore, the leader trust them in their
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Barack Obama leadership styles help for the success of the country and also the world.
However, his leadership styles can have a negative impact on the employees such as uncertain if they are doing the right thing, sometimes employees can be too confident in themselves that they do the job inappropriately and sometimes when the leader trusts them a lot they do not feel pressured to perform their task. They might take too much time for one task as stated in Owen (2006).
In general, leaders are born with their gifts, some of them are define from their pasts. Leaders has different styles such as coercive that is following strictly the orders of the leader, authoritative is guiding others, affiliative is mainly people come first, democratic is asking question to the employees and let them find the solution while, pacesetting is do as I am doing now whereas coaching is trying to develop their skills and theories is important and combine the ten competencies in order for their organisation to be successful. However, Barack Obama is a democratic leader with a democratic style and have integrity, trust, values, and empathy as competencies. Hence, a leader needs to know when and how to use his gift in the situation he found
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