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Leadership Characteristics
Leadership is a dynamic and interesting topic. There have been hundreds of studies done on the subject, and many seek to find out why some leadership styles are better than others. Other studies attempt to look into the personality traits of certain leaders to find any defining characteristics that makes them stand out among their peers. The information gathered here is from all over the world, and from multiple disciplines. In all of these studies, common themes begin to arise from the data. Coaches, managers, team leaders and experts in the field of study, all agree that these main three topics are crucial for effectively leading any group of people. Building trust, communicating effectively, and looking towards
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Studies show that gaining the trust of a group of individuals is critical to become an effective leader. It is the foundation that forms the team. “Developing a leadership style that produces trust is the ultimate root and source of influencing another” (Gaiter, 2013 p. 324). This rings true in any leadership role. Any coach, pastor, or department manager needs to understand that building trust takes time and effective leadership is a time consuming task. Leaders are always being watched by their teams and leaders must always act with integrity and honesty while trying to better the team he or she leads (Gaiter, 2013). Once trust has been built between leadership and their peers, productivity, team cooperation and morale have been shown to increase dramatically.
The very core of effective leadership comes down to being a morally upright individual. Studies show that gaining the trust of a group of individuals is critical to become an effective leader. It is the foundation that forms the
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Looking ahead to determine things that may become issues beforehand, is a characteristic of a good leadership. Leaders cannot be afraid of change. Looking ahead to make sure that the team will not face issue in the future is mandatory. Putting off something because it will be difficult will not help the team. Transformational leaders excel at shaking up the status quo by improving the current processes by working hand in hand with his or her team (Gaiter, 2013 pp. 235-236). Leaders must always strive to better themselves through education and practice. Studies show that being an intrinsically motivated individual is critical to continue growing in knowledge and expertise (Ryan & Deci, 2002). Leadership skills are like anything, they must be honed and refined through experimentation and practice. There are debates whether leaders are born or made, but studies have clearly shown that anyone with genuine interest for the wellbeing of his or her team can become an effective leader with time, education, and
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