Unit 4

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Unit 4: Communication in a Business Environment QCF Level: 2 Credit Value: 3 1 Understand the purpose of planning communication Explain reasons for knowing the purpose of communication By knowing the purpose of communication, you’re able to understand each other and know how to respond. Effective communication also solves difficulties, while identifying solutions along the way. It also helps you to learn how to respond in certain discussions, whether you are talking with a prospective client or a company you need to gain specific information from, the purpose needs to remain clear so you can complete this task. Explain reasons for knowing the audience to whom the communication is being presented Knowing the audience makes it easier to amend your communication, to make it acceptable for that particular audience, as well as following the Data Protection guidelines. For example, if you were talking to a business man who has worked at a company for most of his life, he’s going to be well structured when it comes to business talk. However perhaps there’s a new employee who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the business world yet, you would have to avoid using jargon to avoid him getting confused and misunderstanding. Describe different methods of communications They are plenty of different methods of communications. A few examples would be: Video Conferencing – Many people use this when they are in different locations and need to have a meeting. This would be formal, as it’s still an official meeting. Emails – Emailing provides instant messaging from your computer, wherever you are. This would be classed written communication. Presentations – A presentation can be copies of reports and audiovisual material making i... ... middle of paper ... ...an reflecting on what has been said allowing both sides to review and figure out how to take the next steps forward. 4 Understand the purpose of feedback in developing communicational skills Describe ways of getting feedback on communications Feedback is a positive way to decide if your communication is effective and potentially useful. To get feedback, you could ask a colleague to watch over your discussions and ask them what you need to improve on and what your qualities are. You can also record your discussions and get multiple feedback by sharing your video among staff. Explain the purpose of using feedback to develop communicational skills Feedback is important in any job, it develops skills and helps people improve on their work and the quality of an organisation. By accepting feedback, you're showing a willingness to learn.

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