Amazon Business Analysis

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“Working at Amazon”
In the article “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, both authors noted Amazon’s business and work strategy as harsh and strict but rewarding and life-changing at the same time. Apparently, Amazon’s business model focuses on harsh and strict regulations to keep employees more motivated, productive, and innovative. In comparison to other companies who values benefits and positive reinforcement for their workers, Amazon values constant productivity for improvement and growth and compensation as a competitive aspect in workplace. Many people may see this business strategy and the company as harsh and a horrifying experience; however, I believe and agree that this strategy …show more content…

In my own experience in the business world, a customer would feel satisfied and grateful of the product and service, especially when the employee dedicates his or her time and ability to manage the customer. When it comes to customer service or fast delivery, Amazon hails to provide products and services by any means of keeping a loyal customer. An example of this service is the Amazon Prime, which was created to offer loyal customers the best discounts on sold items, fast shipping, and membership to features like unlimited music streaming. These types of services to loyal customers shows the innovation that employees took time to plan about. The strict and harsh regulation of the company reminds the employees and managers to work to their full potential so that they can serve customers …show more content…

This strategy can benefit the company and its employees by direct and strict policies, in which it will relay to the employees to work harder and keep improving. In addition, this hard work and constant progress can result to the employees deeply appreciating their work and become more confident about themselves. If both the employee and managers are pleased about the performance and outcome, then the customers too will appreciate the service and product they receive. Also, a customer who becomes satisfied with their service will most likely become a loyal customer. In turn, the company will gain growth in profits and recognition from other customers. A successful business model or strategy like Amazon’s should be adapted by other companies to ensure the success and development in both the company and its employees. Just like what David Rockefeller said, “Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever

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