Albert Desando Social Learning Theory

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Albert Henry Desalvo was born on September 3, 1931 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, to Frank Desalvo and Charlotte. Desalvo was the third of six children. Desalvo father was an aggressive, violent, alcoholic fisherman from Newfoundland, Canada. Desalvo father would brutally beat up his wife and children with fists, belts, and pipes. When Charlotte was out of the house, Desalvo father brought prostitutes home and had sexual intercourse with them in front of the children. He was arrested repeatedly for refusing to support his wife and children. At a young age, Desalvo father taught Albert how to shoplift and encouraged him to steal. In an early age, Albert Desalvo began to get in trouble by the police. At the age of twelve, Desalvo was first arrested …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the model and the learner play an important role in whether social learning is successful.
  • Describes albert henry desalvo as an aggressive, violent, alcoholic fisherman from newfoundland, who brutally beat up his wife and children with fists, belts and pipes.
  • Explains that the social learning theory analyzes behavior through direct experience or by observing the behavior of others.
  • Analyzes how bandura proposed the social learning theory with the belief that direct support cannot account for all types of learning.

Through Social Learning Theory, an individual can be studied based on the behavior acquired by a role model. Verbal conditioning procedures and observation influences the response to an individual’s personality. Environment factors contribute to the Social Learning Theory. Antisocial model is a major contribute to crime, which influences negative characteristics. The Social Leaning Theory has three core social concepts the must be followed: observational learning, intrinsic reinforcement and modeling process. In 1977, Psychologist Albert Bandura adopted the Social Learning Theory making it an influential and important theory. Bandura believed that direct reinforcement could not account for all types of learning capabilities. Bandura argued that individuals could learn new information and behavior by watching other individuals and the type of leanings can be explained by a wide variety of behaviors. This theory acknowledges that just because something has been learned, it does not mean that it will result in a change in behavior. However, the influence from others can cause a change in …show more content…

Observational learning involves a live, verbal, and symbolic model, which is influenced by the adapted environment. An individual acting out or demonstrating a behavior is called live model. For example, Desalvo would act out in school at a young age labeling him as a live model. Verbal model involves the description and explanation of behavior. Aker theory of social learning states (1966), “people learn deviant behavior by observing and learning from the social factors in their day-to-day lives”(p.146). Desalvo explanation of why he committed his first crime in stealing money is explained through a learning experience from his father. The symbolic model involves fictional or nonfictional characters displaying behavior through films, books, online media and television programs. Based on Desalvo father attitude we can speculate that himself and Desalvo would watch inappropriate television programs, which can contribute to the fathers’

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