Middle Childhood Life Stages Analysis

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For my self-assessment, I chose to discuss the Middle Childhood, Adolescence, and Young Adulthood life stages. The theories of human behavior that will be discussed are Erikson’s Psychosocial theory, Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning, and Albert Bandura’s social learning theory. I chose these life stages because they are the stages where I have experienced many events that have shaped me into the person I am today. There are a number of factors that have played a role in my development over a period of time and I will discuss them throughout my paper.
To begin with, I will discuss how biological factors influenced my developmental growth during Middle Childhood. During this time, eczema was taking a toll on my development. According to Zastrow
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The social learning theory “states that behavior is learned from the environment through observational learning” (McLeod, 2011). For instance, I saw my mom getting ready for church and eventually I noticed that she put her hair in a ponytail only on Sundays. Furthermore, after seeing her do this so many times I began doing the same thing on Sundays. As a child, I observed her every move and I wanted to imitate her behavior. Through observational learning, I learned what was socially acceptable by watching my mother’s…show more content…
First, I remember my first experience with oppression. One day my mom and I went to Barnes & Noble so that I could get a book that I had been asking her to buy. While I was looking for the book, I noticed that one of the employees was following me, so I told my mom about it. When my mom confronted the employee she said that she wanted to make sure that I wasn’t stealing anything. Consequently, I started worrying that people wouldn’t treat me fairly because of the color of my skin. Second, as a child, I was marginalized every day. One example was when my 5th grade teacher took us outside to have a foot race and she picked two captains to pick the people they wanted on their team. I was overweight and I couldn’t run fast so my classmates never picked me. I was excluded because I wasn’t small in size and I cried each day and would only eat one meal and drink water to lose weight. Third, I was alienated because I was bullied in the 6th grade. Kids would tease me because of the way my skin looked due to eczema and wouldn’t sit with me during lunch time. Kids would look at me in disgust if I tried to talk to them. I dreaded going to school just to be teased and feel lonely each day. Fourth, I had one experience where I had a position of power. My teacher had to leave the classroom to discuss something with a parent and she put me in charge. She told me to write down the name of any student
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