Social Learning Theory And Labeling Theory

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What are theories of crime? Why are they important? In this paper, will discuss two crime theories. Social learning theory and the labeling theory. We will compare both crime theories. It will also explain how these theories are related to specific crimes. The two theories discussed will also explain the policy implications. Finally, we will address what types of programs can be created to mitigate specific crimes related to the causation theories. Social learning theory is the theory that people learn from other people. That people will learn by what they see, imitate, and model after. For example, if a person who sees drug dealers their entire life will more than likely be a drug dealer themselves. Labeling theory differs in that people are labeled or stereotyped as a deviant person and therefore engage…show more content…
Social learning theory is one of the most known theories and has been studied by many. Social learning theory programs that are available are mainly crime control programs. This program involves people to think about what they have truly done and to change the negative into positive behavior. Labeling theory does not offer any real programs but as society learns more about these specific theories so has our treatment of others. Since labeling theory can occur anywhere it is believed that society give the person a different outcome. So instead of shaming a person you should use it as a learning tool not to commit the act again. This will be a way for the person to change their label and be more open to changing their outlook.
In conclusion, social learning theory and labeling theory are both widely viewed. Society should understand why crime happens as it pertains to theories of crime in order to mitigate it. There are many examples that prove both theories. Lastly, there are programs which are beneficial to people of society and that with these programs we can mitigate the crime around
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