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Social Learning Theory was an applied in the book Buddy Boys a few different ways. This theory shows the significance of observing and modeling the effects of others. There are three basic concepts, which are observational learning, modeling, and imitation. Observational learning is a type of learning that occurs as a function of observing, retaining and replicating behavior executed by others. One of the examples used in Buddy Boys was when Henry was trying to understand why the poor man in the ghetto killed someone over ten dollars. For the poor man this is a learned behavior and in the ghetto, ten dollars is a “fortune.” He saw it as a mean to survive and that’s the only way he knew how too. This situation is connected to social learning theory because the poor man was raised this way. The only thing the poor man knew how to do was to survive by him because he was born…show more content…
If you want top learn from a behavior you must watch and pay attention and eliminate anything thing else that may catch your eye, so you can put all your focus on him or her to learn. Retention is necessary because without it you will not have learned the new behavior. With reproduction if you were successful in retention and remembering the information you learned you would demonstrate what you had learned. You would begin by repeating the behavior repetitively. Finally motivation, you need motivation to want to keep practicing what you had just learned, that is when reward and punishment come in to play. An example from Buddy Boys would be when cops would watch fellow cops commit crimes and after seeing that they did not get in trouble afterwards, it reinforced them to begin committing the crimes themselves and according to the social learning theory, people engage in crime because the people they socialize with also engage in
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