Advantages And Uses And The Benefits Of Social Media

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What is Social media?
Social media is a services of web-based networking sites that allow users to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, articulate with other users with whom they share a connection, and view their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature of these connections may vary from site to site (Herring, 2009)
The Early Years
The 21 Century was called a century of information Systems. Social media made a huge impact in transforming business and communications. Social media and networking is the fastest way to grow a business entity. In 2000, many social networking sites emerged to ease interaction with people that share common interest in music, education, movies and so
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There are several communication channels in an organization that include meetings, phone calls, and emails. These cahnnels have their own limitations such as forgetting a message, missing to take notes during a meeting, and searching for information in a big list of emails which can be challenging. The social media increased the commmunication and its effectiveness in the organization. Now people do not need to waste time as it become easy to send a message throug a messanger and get a quick response. It also improved collaboration between team members in an organization, which has resulted in a better…show more content…
It will also help to built a good reputation for the organization.Social media is best to promote communication between employees and management, share project ideas and work in teams effectively, which helps in sharing knowledge and experiences. It also help for comunication between current and potential customers in receiving feedback, product definition, product development, or any forms of customer service and support. Encourage company‟s employees, to become members of a well- recognized community.
Social media such as Facebook, blogs, YouTube have become major sources of hiring. LinkedIn is also very popular for the same reason. Social media has also become one of the easiest ways to improve productivity and to generate a natural interest in the work carried out by the employees ( Edosomwan et al., 2011)
The main success of social media is conversation. When businesses use a social media sites, it enlarges the converstion The companies must take time to review the conversation and must dedicate time and effort to respond to customers
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