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We cannot deny how big of an impact social media has on our lives now, not only on people but businesses too. It has opened a whole new door to the business world and given them a big opportunity to interact and attract a larger amount of customers. It’s given us a new and faster way of communication by exchanging pictures, stories, news, blogs, online discussions, etc. In exchange businesses have benefited by a long shot just by the click of a button. With the help of the Internet a company no longer is dependent on a particular customer base to survive because now it can reach out to a worldwide audience within seconds. It’s imaginable the countless business attributes of all social media to this day and still is growing. Social media has brought great business benefits to the business world because it gives higher brand visibility, generates new customers, is cost effective, and introduces social networking.
Social media has helped businesses grow in tremendous ways especially in brand awareness. Lets face it, when we are signing on to our social networks, checking our email, and even looking something up we are constantly bombarded with advertisements. But how else are we going to be aware of a new business or of a different brand that might match up your interest if we aren’t being told it exists. The message needs to be put out there and show the customer that they exist. One big way of the business connecting with the customer or future customer is social networks. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have influenced brand awareness dramatically. According to the business2community website there are nearly seventy percent of account ownerships on Facebook globally, nearly fifty percent account ownerships for YouTube,...

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