A Child During War Is Worse

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Growing up and finding who you are is difficult, but being a child during war is worse. For an American-born girl name Nidali, Egyptian by mother and Palestine by father, life got complicated since the minute she was born. Her baba always thought Nidali was a boy. Baba was so convinced, that he filled the certificate after she was born, once noticed his mistake and threaten by his wife, he changed it. The moment baba finds out it was a girl, the image of his sister’s lives crossed his mind and he definitely didn’t want the same for his dear Nidali. Nidali deserve more than only live to please her husband and raised children. He wants her to have a career, freedom and Nidali wants the same, a life where she doesn’t have to give explanations to anyone. It’s amazing how baba wants the best for her daughter, but for Nidali this only means higher expectations and a more complicated life. Their father and daughter relationship is strong, maybe because their personalities are quite similar or for their love of success. Nidali mature really fast at a young age, which wasn’t pleasant for her baba. She was the light of his eyes and naturally he didn’t want any boy around her. Many times baba would forbid her to date. All dads are jealous of seeing their little girls falling in love and meeting the boy who is stealing their source of happines. Some can accept the idea that their daughters are becoming women. In the book “A map of home”, Jarrar writes. “I felt as though I was not only truly his daughter, that I must have come from elsewhere if I disagree with his rules” (16). In other words, baba was a hypocrite because he didn’t want Nidali live too pleased other persons, but his strict rules and demanding behavior were s... ... middle of paper ... ...er the best. In “departure’s arrival baba tells Nidali. “I remember the way you used to breathe against my neck when you were a baby […] “I can still feel it”’ (288). Baba didn’t notice how quickly Nidali grew and become a woman. A woman who’s going to the college of her dreams and followed her passion. And as hard as it is, he’s happy that his Nidali found her own path. This book shows apart from child being raised during wars, parent’s fights and finding her passions. Is an about the unconditional love a father has for his daughter, how he wants a different future for her. Baba knew she was special and deserve something more than a traditional life for an Egyptian/Palestine girl. It shows how sons and daughters are quick to criticize their fathers without knowing the struggles they have to live up too, only to give them the them a better future.
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