The Four Negative Aspects Of Parenthood

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The four most prevalent parenting styles are permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and neglecting style, and they reflect on Diana Bourmind’s proposal of the four crucial domains in parenting; nurturance, maturity demands (level of expectations) control, and communication.

Permissive style—also known as the indulgent style—dominantly focuses on nurturance, but not as much in regards to control, maturity demands (level of expectations), and communication. Therefore, despite the high tolerance and warmth of the parents, permissive style often results in unfavourable outcomes in a child. Such negative influences are evident throughout children’s development to their adolescence. Adolescents raised by permissive parents tend to do less well …show more content…

Authoritative style remains high in all four domains. Authoritative parents’ use of appropriate discipline such as using time-out or mild punishment ensures their children’s independence along with children’s compliance with parental demands. Compare to children with any other parenting styles, children raised by authoritative parents have higher self-esteem, self confidence, and better grades in elementary school, high school, and college. They are also less likely to abuse alcohol or tobacco as adolescents. In general, children of the authoritative parenting style show more altruistic …show more content…

However, I moved to Toronto alone when I was 12 for the better education system. Ever since then, I was raised by my aunt's family. Gong back to my early childhood, both of my parents practiced authoritative parenting style. They have always been loving and caring, yet they never spoiled me to a point where I could not appreciate their love and care. Coming from Korea’s competitive and strict education system, I witnessed many of my friends suffering from their parents’ high academic expectations already at the age of 12 or even before then. However, my parents never pressured me with school and their priorities were always the subjects and activities I enjoyed. Although, they still ensured that I was doing reasonably well in my less preferred classes, they never forced me to spend extra hours or sent me to numerous outside-of-school programs for such courses. When English became my favourite subject, they provided me with english tutors and eventually sent me to Canada. When I finally moved to Canada, my aunt’s family also practiced authoritative parenting style. My aunt and uncle already had two adult sons and were experienced enough to raise me in a good environment. They were a little stressed/worried about disciplining me at first—disciplining someone else’s child can be difficult—they eventually managed to do so by discussing it with my parents. Both my parents, and my aunt’s family did not alter their

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