The Era Of Boy Bands Essay

The Era Of Boy Bands Essay

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They say the ‘90s was like no other decade, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the era of boy bands, and the season of vibrant funky chunky flower power plastic acrylic rings. It was outspoken, innovative, and quite the trendsetter. The decade saw unbelievable rises in new technology, as well as unexpected social changes. Everyone knows ‘90s kids were the real winners of the decade,‘90s kids had a special growing up experience. Everything from home computers, dial-up, CD-ROMs, QuickTime multimedia player, and Nintendo, these experiences are things every ‘90s kid can appreciate. One thing I can remember was our form of texting was passing notes to classmates and hoping our teacher didn’t hear the rustle of our notebook paper being folded. Of course, everyone experienced the ‘90s differently.
The elementary school years of plastic Barbie lunch boxes with matching thermos, triangle pencil grips, and recess were a simpler time, for sure. Those were the years of having books read to you, and a time set-aside for you each day for library browsing and independent reading. In our class we had a special afternoon session in the library, where you painstakingly learn to use the card catalogue and find periodicals using giant indexes that organize things by subject. Little did I know that this information would be completely obsolete in the next few years. The library meant many things to many different people, for me it meant that every year it would hold the Scholastic Book Fair. That was the best week ever! Before the fair, Scholastic ads got passed around once a month, I swear at least thirty minutes were spent distracted by the contents of those magical flyers. Books, arts and crafts, toys, and boy band scrapboo...

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...f imaginary things happening that feel real in front of us.
In my college years, is where I notably improved my reading and writing skills. I had started to finally read books other than magazine articles and Tumblr blogs. Despite all the required college reading, I had finally found a series I could open up my imagination to, you won’t believe it, it was Twilight by Stephenie Myer. I was able to share a journey and an emotional connection with the main character like I once did many years back with Billy in Where the Red Fern Grows. Yes Twilight is extremely unrealistic, but it’s like eating your favorite chips while watching your favorite show. Yes it’s unhealthy, but a part of you loves it and can’t resist it. I truly believe that my experiences have shaped the way I think, read, and write, but I will never stop learning and having a relationship with literature.

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