Soccer Vs Football Compare And Contrast

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Soccer Vs Football

In the world of sport, soccer and football with respect to demographic has had numerous controversies. Although both sport are known famously around the globe, for many years fans from both sides are known for asking, is American football same as soccer? What’s the time limit on both sports? What’s the game objective? Do they use the same ball? However they both have similarities and differences which I will be talking about in this essay.
Both sports have similarities such as, they both have coaches, a referees, assistant referees/lines men. They both contact sports, each team has 11 players, they both outdoor sports played on a rectangular field on grass, each team has to pass the ball towards the opposite direct till a goal is scored and there are no limit to goals. Last but not the least both sports have offensive, defensive and goalkeeper. …show more content…

Football is known around the world but unfortunately not played. Football is an American based sport which ironically is played only in the United States, while soccer on the other hand is played all over the world. Another difference is the kit/protective gear used in playing. In football, Helmet, Shoulder/Chest pad/protector, upper leg padding and mouth guard are rightfully required while in soccer, Shin guards and Boots is all that is required. This is why Soccer is considered a gentleman 's sport played by beasts and Football is a beastly game played by

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that soccer and football have had numerous controversies in the world of sport, but both have similarities and differences.
  • Explains that both sports have similarities such as, they both have coaches, a referee, an assistant, and 11 players. they also have offensive, defensive and goalkeeper.
  • Compares the similarities and differences between the two sports. football is an american based sport, while soccer is a beastly game played by beasts.
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