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  • The Philippines And The Population Of The Philippines

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    The Philippines Population The Philippines population is made up of over 100 million people, which makes it the twelfth most populated country in the world. The Philippines has a two percent growth rate increase each year, which makes it one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Languages Filipino people have over 120 to 175 different languages that are spoken in the 7000 small islands that make up the Philippines. Out of the 175 languages that are spoken in the Philippine’s, there are

  • Philippines

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    The 381 years of colonization have made the Philippines too westernized socially and economically. The island nation of the Philippines was rich in natural resources from the beginning but because of the practice of mercantilism the island was culturally and economically raped for almost four centuries. Spanish colonization began with the settlement of San Miguel on the island of Cebu on February 13, 1565. Miguel Lopez’s expedition continued north into the bay of manila; the three hundred years of

  • The Philippines: The Republic Of The Philippines

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    The country I want to do for the Working for Good Festival is the Philippines. The Philippines, or also known as the Republic of the Philippines, is a country made up entirely out of islands. It is located in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the neighboring countries to the Philippines are Taiwan and Vietnam. The reason why I want to do the Philippines is because my grandma is Filipino and I wanted to learn more about the culture. I know a little bit about the culture and what I know

  • The Philippines: The Country Of The Philippines

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    The Philippines is a tropical country consisting of islands, with amazing landscapes, coral waters, and tropical forests. It’s home to the emerald rice fields, smoldering volcanoes, fuzzy water buffalos, and happy-go-lucky people. The tropical country consists of 7,107 islands. It has a population of 99 million people, which is the 7th most populated country in Asia, and the 12th most populated country in the world. The country withholds two official languages, Filipino, and English, along with

  • The Philippines

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    The Philippines is bordered by the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It has three major island groups which are the Luzon, the largest island and where the capital is located; Visayan, and Mindanao. Eleven islands make up 94 percent of the Philippine landmass, and two of these--Luzon and Mindanao--measure 105,000 and 95,000 square kilometers, respectively. They, together with the cluster of the Visayan Islands that separate them, represent the three principal regions of the archipelago (many

  • Philippine

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    Philippine Found in South East Asia, Philippine is majorly composed of Islands. Actually, the Islands are formations from top protruding of submerged mountain chain. The tops that formed a large pre-eminence turned out to be the modern major islands that make up the Philippine and they are namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The fact of this Far East country sitting on a chain of mountain tops explains best why the Philippine experiences active volcanoes from around 20 sources and devastating earthquakes

  • The Philippines, The Island Country Of The Philippines

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    The Philippines, an island country in the Pacific, is a warm tropical paradise to many. The Philippine archipelago consists of 7,107 islands; located in many of the Southeast Asia’s bodies of water: the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, and Luzon Straight. The Filipino country is a topical marine with monsoons from the north east from November through April and from the southwest from May to October. It is mainly a mountainous country with narrow to extensive coasts. Although

  • The Philippines: The Development Of Education In The Philippines

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    cting the country, the Philippines do have the potential to become a developed country. An issue that is affecting the country’s progress towards development is education. The Philippines is the only remaining Asian nation in the world putting the 10-year cycle of basic education in effect. The Department of Education was pushing for the implementation of the K-12 program to finally take effect in the Philippines. Seventy percent of the country’s unemployed citizens are high school graduates. To

  • Hospitality In The Philippines: A Glimpse Of The Philippines

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    Glimpse of the Philippines Philippines hailed as The Pearl of the Orient Seas because of its natural resources. And out of all the precious stones that exist in the world, pearl−with its beaming beauty and simplicity is abundant in the land. And parallel to the stone that the country represents, Philippines is the reflection of innocence with strength that comes from its ability to blend well in almost any circumstances. Three hundred years after the Spaniards colonized the Philippines, the latter

  • Causes And Environments Of The Philippines In The Philippines

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    The Philippines, consisting of 7,100 islands, is considered as one of the megadiverse country all over the world. Not only that it has rich biological component, it also has exemplary landscapes like mountains, hills, valleys, falls and the likes. One of the most important landscapes that the Philippines possesses is the watershed. Watershed, as defined in the Revised Forestry Code (PD 705), is a land area drained by a stream or fixed body of water and tributaries having a common outlet for surface